EWA Air, the first Airline Company of Mayotte, was born from the synergy of 3 partners sharing a common ambition: to contribute to the opening up of the territory and its influence in the Mozambique Channel.

The Air Austral Group, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Mayotte and the Ylang Invest Company joined together to respond, thanks to EWA Air, the high expectations of the population regarding travel. Being a subsidiary of Air Austral Group, EWA Air offers its passengers a guarantee in terms of quality of services as well as in term of safety, a top priority for the company.

With an evocative name (Ewa means Yes in Mahorais), synonym of acquiescence, membership and Mayotte identity, the company called "EWA" operates with two ATR 72-600 and has 7 direct flight connections from Dzaoudzi:

To Madagascar:

Diego - 4 flights per week*

Tananarivo - 2 flights per week*

Nosy Be - 4 flights per week*

Majunga - 5 flights per week*

To Comoro Islands:

Moroni - 6 flights per week*

Anjouan - 3 flights per week*

To Tanzania:

Dar-es-Salaam: 1 flight every two weeks (1 flight per week during school holidays)*

* New weekly schedule starting November 1st 2016




"We are very proud to contribute, through EWA Air, to the opening of the Mayotte department and its regional influence. The birth of EWA Air, the first Mahoran airline company, is a highlight for the Mayotte island. EWA Air plays a strategic role in the opening up and development of Mayotte and to its anchoring in the Mozambique Channel. Its destinations and the freshness of its service will definitely seduce you" Marie-Joseph Malé President of EWA Air.