EWA Air airline sells tickets for Comoros. For your next stay in Anjouan and Moroni, book your airline ticket.

About Comoros islands

  • Distance :
    • Dzaoudzi - Anjouan : 120km
    • Dzaoudzi - Moroni : 260 km
  • Flight frequency : 
    • Dzaoudzi - Anjouan : up to 4 flights a week (from february 2014)
    • Dzaoudzi - Moroni : up to twice weekly service
  • Size territory : 2170 sq km
  • Capital :Moroni
  • Currency: Comorian franc (KMF)
  • Langue(s) : shikomor, arab, french
  • Local time : UTC/GMT +3

In Comoros islands, Ewa Air operates flights from / to :

  • Anjouan airport - airport code : AJN
  • Moroni, international airport Prince Saïd Ibrahim - airport code: HAH

Discover Anjouan

Located in the Indian Ocean, Anjouan is part of the Comoros archipelago. Flying to Anjouan is an olfactory trip as it is the land of many perfumed plants: Ylang ylang, jasmin, basilic... Meet an island filled with reliefs and colonial buildings which testify of its past.

Go and see

  • Bougwéni forest : Sanctuary of the fauna and flora of all endemic species where you will meet makis and giant bats
  • Papni beach: Relax on this beach of black sand and enjoy its water with therapeutics virtues.
  • Dzialandzé Lake: Discover the meeting point of all waterways from the Ntrigui Mount.

Discover Moroni

Capital of the archipelago, Moroni has keepen its authentic landscapes throughout the years. Discover its luxuriant ocean floor where snorkelling and fishing are activities with marvellous surprises.

Go and See

  • Itsandra beach: Enjoy this beautiful white sand beach where diverses aquatic activities are possible.
  • Karthala: Have a look at the volcano responsible of the creation of the island.

Introducing Comoros islands

Hidden treasure of Indian Ocean, meet the perfumed island where stunning white beaches and all its relics are part of the landscape. Moheli, Anjouan and Grande Comore will amaze you by their cultural wealth and flourishing fauna and flora. Gathered as an archipelago, each of these beautiful islands has their own specificity and are guaranteed to impress.

Practical Informations

Advices to travelers

Embassy of France in Comoros islands