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Informations about Madagascar

  • Size territory : 587 040 sq km
  • Capital :Antananarivo
  • Currency: Ariary
  • Langue(s) : malgache, french
  • Local Time : UTC/GMT +3

In Madagascar, Ewa Air operates flights from / to :

  • Antananarivo international airport - airport code : TNR
    • Distance Dzaoudzi - Antananarivo : 721 km
    • Frequency : 2 flights a week
  • Mahajanga international airport - airport code : MJN
    • Distance Dzaoudzi - Majunga : 340 km
    • Frequency : 3 flights a week
  • Nosy Be international airport - airport code : NOS
    • Distance Dzaoudzi - Nosy Be: 333 km
    • Frequency : 2 flights a week
  • Diego-Suarez international airport - airport code : DIE
    • Distance Dzaoudzi - Diego-Suarez: 438 km
    • Frequency : 2 flights a week

Discover Majunga

Located in the Bombetoka bay, Majunga is a melting pot land. Cosmopolite, give in to the beauty of its beaches, the splendor of the landscapes and the cosy welcoming of its inhabitants

Go and See

  • 7 caves of Belobaka: The beauty and splendor of these caves will leave you breathless.
  • Mangatsa sacred lake: In between nature, culture and tradition, discover this aquarium with its impressive size « inhabitants ».

Discover Nosy Be

As a multi side destination, Nosy Be is a pure tropical delight. Beaches, volcano lakes or national parks are part of the wealth provided and will leave an unforgettable mark

Go and See

  • Passo Mount: From the highest peak of Nosy Be, you will enjoy a panoramic view of the whole island from the crater lakes to neighboring small islands.
  • Mitsio archipelago: Reachable from Nosy Be, this archipelago is composed of 6 beautiful small islands with preserved nature. Give in to its luxuriant forests and wonderful ocean floor.

Discover Diego-Suarez 

Antsiranana also called Diego Suarez, is the biggest town in the north of Madagascar et the third wharf of the island. 

Go to see :

  • la baie du Tonnerre
  • la baie des Cailloux Blancs
  • le Cul de Sac Gallois
  • la baie des Français


Introducing Madagascar

Continent Island, Madagascar will provide you a panel of landscapes in between land and see. Hiking, white sand beaches, pirogue strolls, give in to its charms: change of scene guaranteed.

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