Identity card, passport, visa, vaccination: please have the necessary documents to your trip. Without these documents, boarding may be refused and entry into your destination country. All EWA Air travel tips for preparing your ...

Travel documents requirements

EWA AIR recommends to check the validity of your passport : at least valid for 6 months after the effective date of return, with two blank pages 

Passengers are responsible for obtaining all necessary travel documents, including visas and specific permits which may be required under the legal and regulatory provisions in force in departure, arrival and transit States, and must comply with the requirements of the authorities of these countries regarding immigration and border checks. 

The Carrier may not be held liable for the consequences suffered by Passengers in the event of failure to comply with the obligations referred to in the paragraph above.

EWA AIR recommends the website of IATA * : IATA travel center

 General conditions of carriage

* IATA : International Air Transport Association


YELLOW FEVER VACCINATION REQUIRED AT THE ARRIVAL TO MADAGASCAR Following the official release of the Ministry of Public Health Malagasy, the vaccine against yellow fever is mandatory and must be made before departure. Only travelers form specifics areas (please find details below) on arrival in Madagascar must be in possession of his vaccine proof against yellow fever. The Malagasy authorities will proceed with the descent of the aircraft to passenger vaccination for those who can not justify their vaccination for $ 87,000 Ar. (27 €) Refusal of vaccination is liable to deportation to country of origin.



With effect starting on April 18 2016, the Malagasy Borders Police systematically requires passengers to carry with them a hard copy (printed on paper) of their plane ticket. The Malagasy Borders Police reserves the right to refuse entry on their territory to the passengers only having a soft copy (e.g on a smartphone or tablet) of their plane ticket. this also applies to passengers departing from Madagascar.”